KBGE is a civil engineering, surveying, and land development consulting company based in Austin, Texas. The firm principals have more than 60-years of combined experience providing timely and economical solutions for all stages of development, design, and construction.           ..Continue Reading..


A concrete salesman, a ‘Nawlins Cajun, a traveling music enthusiast, and a golfer walk into a bar…that’s not exactly how it happened but it’s a good start. The leadership team at KBGE has as varied life experiences as professional histories. ..Continue Reading..


We are consultants-experts in the processes and procedures to steer projects through a highly regulated environment.  We have the vision to develop a sound strategy and the diligence to follow the steps and provide certainty for your project.   KBGE ..Continue Reading..

St. Elmo’s Market, South Austin

St. Elmo’s Market will renovate an existing 45,000 square foot warehouse into a mixed use market. 450-650 apartment units and hotel will accompany the existing retail building. The area has been rezoned to Limited Industrial Services- Planned Development Area- Neighborhood ..Continue Reading..

Arnold Oil Redevelopment, East Austin

The Arnold Redevelopment project is a three-acre, mixed-use, transit oriented development (TOD) with a proposed 90,000 sq. ft. of office space and 330 multi-family units. This 4.3-acre urban infill development is located in the Plaza Saltillo TOD and will require ..Continue Reading..